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Distanced Socializing Devotional -24

Today’s devotional was written by LaGreer Randolph, a member of our church. 


Matthew 6:34 

Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. 


I think we can all agree that the coronavirus has united us in one thing: worry. It’s all around us. If you pick up the newspaper, read the news on your computer or smartphone or watch the news on TV, this seems like a dark and hopeless time. We look or watch for some good news but more often we end up hearing or reading about something that makes us fearful.

One thing that has helped me keep my worries in check is looking for the good, positive things that are occurring around us. If we look around us there are acts of kindness and goodness occurring all around every day.

  • In Italy, quarantined Italians would sing from their balconies each evening.

  • People have shown up at hospital parking lots during shift changes to applaud the doctors and nurses who are caring for the COVID-19 patients. 

  • Professional athletics, along with their teams, are donating money to pay the wages for arena and stadium workers whose jobs have been interrupted by the stoppage of sports. 

  • Internet providers have offered free internet to families without internet who have school aged children so the children would be able to participate in distance learning.

  • Various companies and groups worked to provide technology to who did not have technology to participate in distance learning.

  • Here in Lincoln the Great Lincoln Egg Hunt was created provide activities for children but it also provided cheer adults who participated. 

  • A Newspaper Delivery man in New Jersey offered to shop for his clients who were unable to get out for fear of contracting the virus. 

  • Many companies who use PPE have made donations of their PPE to healthcare workers to help insure that are able to stay safe and healthy.  

This is just a very small sample of things that I have heard about. I’m sure that you have heard of many others. During the past few weeks, it’s been stories like these that have helped me balance what is happening in this scary time. 

As we continue our self-isolation what are some ways that we can show kindness to those around us and maybe keep some of our worries in check? 


Loving God, help us to remember that you are with us when we worry and when we rejoice. Help us to place our trust in you and find ways to show kindness to others. Amen

Important Announcements

1. Would you like to write a devotional for this series?  We are desperate to receive a new supply of devotionals so that we can continue this series.  If you’d like to submit a devotional, just as Lily Spader did for today, please know that all devotionals are welcome.  If you have a devotional—or, would like to write one—please contact Richard at  Just about every day, Richard receives an email from someone who deeply appreciated reading the devotion for that day.  Contributing one of these devotionals is an important way we can support and care for members of our faith community.

2.  Join us for a virtual Midweek Retreat this Wednesday, April 15th, from 5:15-6:30 pm.  We will spend most of our time seeing and talking with friends from Christ United Methodist Church.  Then, towards the end of our time together, we will conclude with a “virtual” celebration of Holy Communion.  If you go to the grocery store before Wednesday, be sure to purchase some grape juice (or, your favorite grape product) and have some bread on hand.  If you don’t get to the grocery story, or if you forget to get grape juice, don’t worry. It will be perfectly all right to use anything, such as saltines and water.  Pastor Beth will consecrate your elements and we will receive the sacrament in our homes.

Once again, we will use zoom technology to connect. 

To join our virtual Midweek Retreat, get on your computers or phones and go to the website If you need it, the Meeting ID is 458 451 147.

If you don’t have a computer or phone, with a camera and microphone, you can still join our virtual Midweek Retreat by traditional telephone.  Simply call 346-248-7799.  When prompted, type in the Meeting Id number, 458 451 147.  This will allow you to participate in the virtual Midweek Retreat using your phone.  We hope that you will join us for this special meeting.

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