ConnectioN Point was founded in August of 2016 as a collaborative ministry between Christ United Methodist Church and Motive-the Untied Methodist Campus Ministry at UNL. One primary goal at the beginning was for ConnectioN Point to extend services found on UNL's City Campus to students and staff on UNL's East Campus. This was accomplished by engaging with East Campus students and professors to provide volunteer opportunities with the community and tangible services like the OpeN Shelf food and hygiene pantry. 

As ConnectioN Point began to evolve, we realized that the people we serve were eager for a faith community to call home. So in 2017, ConnectioN Point began exploring possibilities for founding a church congregation that would meet regularly. We now have weekly worship on Sunday evenings at 5:30 pm, along with continued outreach ministries like the OpeN Shelf Pantry and Getting Ahead classes that serve our community throughout the week. 

Beth Graverholt