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Distanced Socializing Devotional-11

For Monday, our devotion was prepared by Pastor Bob Neben, a member of Christ UMC and our Pastor of Visitation.


A foreman at an Electric Generating Power Plant once said, “We sell here the thing that all people are in search of – power.”

The foreman was very correct, for all of us seek some kind of power for our lives. Sometimes we seek the power that makes motors run, but more often we seek the power to help our lives run smoothly. We seek the power that will help us overcome the problems and difficulties of life. We seek the power to live life at its fullest.

You may ask, “Where does that kind of power come from? It does not come from an electric generating plant. The kind of power we want for our lives comes from God’s Spirit.

When a surgical doctor wants to keep his operating instruments free from germs the doctor keeps them in an antiseptic solution. If we want to be free from the germs that take the joy out of life, we need to dwell in the presence of God’s Spirit. You see the Holy Spirit is a perfect antiseptic against the things that rob life of its meaning.

All of us seek for the power that can change and transform our lives. That power is found in God’s Holy Spirit as we truly let that Spirit become a part of our lives. We can open the door for this to happen through honest prayer to God. So why not pray that God’s Spirit will come into you more fully today? Why not pray that you might feel God’s power during this difficult time?


Powerful God, help us to seek your presence in our lives so that we might get through the difficulties of life. We pray this in Jesus Christ our Lord and our Savior. Amen.

Important Announcement:

Join us for a virtual Midweek Retreat this Wednesday, April 1st, from 5:15-6:30 pm. Fix your favorite Midweek Retreat meal and then gather around the computer screen to see and talk with friends from Christ United Methodist Church. Our virtual Midweek Retreat will be hosted by Pastor Richard, using “zoom” technology. To join our virtual Midweek Retreat, get on your computers or phones and go to the website: If you need it, the Meeting ID is 282 790 060.

If you don’t have a computer or phone, with a camera and microphone, you can still join our virtual Midweek Retreat by traditional telephone. Simply call 346-248-7799. When prompted, type in the following Meeting Id number, 282 790 060. This will allow you to participate in the virtual Midweek Retreat using your phone.

We will use this virtual Midweek event to catch up with friends and socialize. Pastor Richard will also talk about Christ-ConnectioN Point and how we are continuing to be involved in ministry during this time of social distancing. The event will conclude promptly at 6:30, after a brief devotional and short prayer by Richard.

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