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Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin'-By World

A program that offers useful tools, practical advice, and valuable communication tools to help families get ahead, instead of simply getting by.

When? Thursdays from 12:30-2 pm, June 2 - August 11, 2022

Why? Gain crucial life skills, be part of a community, and upon finishing the course, receive $20 for each session attended up to $250.

Where? All classes will be held at ConnectioN Point (1333 N. 33rd St)

Questions? Call (402) 413-0017

*Only 1 participant per household.

*Must speak and read English a C level or higher.

Participants will...

  • Identify their strengths and build a personal future story.

  • Work to build financial resources for themselves and their families.

  • Become skilled at using the hidden rules of class to build resources.

  • Learn the importance of “soft skills” for long term employment.

  • Receive long term support, from people and resources in Lancaster County, to help them achieve their future plans.

  • Help be a part of building a community where everyone can live well.

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