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Get to know ConnectioN Point!

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

ConnectioN Point is a collaborative ministry between Motive and Christ United Methodist Church. Located near UNL's East Campus, we are providing opportunities to be in volunteer service within Lincoln. ConnectioN Point aims to be a space where people from all backgrounds and faiths can be in positive conversation and learn from one another.

ConnectioN Point also houses the OpeN Shelf Pantry that has food, clothing, and other miscellaneous items! The pantry is open Monday thru Friday from 2-5pm. The OpeN Shelf Pantry does not require any paperwork or documentation.

ConnectioN Point prides itself on being a safe space for youth and families to come. We have programming available during the week with planned activities on Wednesday from 3-5pm.

ConnectioN Point strives to be open for all. We host English Conversation Partners twice a week. This is a time where people can come together to teach and learn conversational English. This is a great way for English speakers to teach those who are learning and a great way for those who are learning English to practice.

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