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Distanced Socializing Devotional- 8

Our Thursday devotion was prepared by Pastor Bob Neben, the Pastor of Visitation at Christ UMC.

Scripture and Reflection

When we go through difficult times it is good to remember that the Bible tells us that God is love. (I John 4:16) I believe God’s love means that God is wanting the best for us in life. My earthly love for my two children and six grandchildren means that I want the best for them in life as well. This is what love is all about.

The Bible also promises that God’s love is powerful. God’s love can help us get through difficult times in our lives. Through prayer and meditation God hears our concerns and helps us get through our problems. In I Corinthians 13 we have this promise. God’s love “bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.” (I Corinthians 13:7 NRSV)

When the difficult times threaten to get us down and keep us down, it is wonderful that we can pray to God for help. God’s powerful love surrounds us and helps us get through the difficulties of life. God answers our prayers in many ways, such as, friends telephoning us at just the right time.

We become more aware of the promises of God as we read the Bible and we receive the calming spirit of Jesus. At such times as this we are given a strength we know isn’t ours, but comes from God’s strong love.


Loving God, help us to believe your promises in the Bible that your strong love can help us through the difficulties of life. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Important Announcements

Due to the coronavirus, we will not have regular worship services at Christ United Methodist Church and ConnectioN Point for this coming Sunday, March 29th. Instead, we will have a streaming worship service via Facebook Live at 11 am.

The streaming worship service will include music, prayer, and a short homily. If you miss the service on Sunday morning, you can access it later on Facebook as well as our church webpages, for Christ United Methodist and for ConnectioN Point.

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