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Distanced Socializing Devotional-21

Our Good Friday devotional was prepared by Lily Spader, a member of our congregation and our Assistant Music Director.


Today is Good Friday, the day that Christians remember the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Why it is called “good” is unclear--the exact origins of the name lost to time. Perhaps it is a corruption of “God’s Friday” or a relic from a time when “good” also meant “holy”. Regardless, today is a day of remembrance for the suffering God.

The suffering God, who out of a cosmic love for the world, became enfleshed and joined with creation in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus, Mary’s child, who grew up to change the world. Jesus, who amazed the teachers in the temple as a youth, who taught others to see the worth of every person he encountered: Nicodemus, the Pharisee who wanted to be born again; Zachaeus, the tax collector who abused the system for his personal gain; the children who gathered around him whenever he spoke to the crowds; the unnamed woman who anointed him with oil during his last days.

Jesus, the man who felt the betrayal of his closest friends--Judas and also Peter. Not one of his friends stood by his side as he was shuffled back and forth between political leaders: the priests, who wanted to maintain the status quo; Pontius Pilate, who couldn’t be bothered to do the right thing; and Herod, who merely wanted to see a miracle for his own amusement.

Jesus, the suffering God, sentenced to a cruel death reserved for those who the empire deemed a threat to its authority. Mocked by his executors, desperate in pain. Yet, still seeing the worth in every person: the women who had followed him from the beginning; the soldiers who idled the time by gambling on his clothes; the thief who died with him.

Jesus. Mary’s little boy. Alone. Forsaken. Suffering. Crucified.

And so we remember.


God, who meets us in our suffering, be with us now. Be with those who feel lonely, abandoned, forsaken. In our remembrances of Christ’s crucifixion and death, keep us hopeful of the resurrection and mindful of your love for all creation. Amen.


1. Good Friday. We will be streaming a special Good Friday service on Friday, April 10 at 7 pm led by Pastor Beth and Lily.

2. Easter Sunday services will be led by Pastor Richard and Colt and will stream at 11 am on Sunday, April 12.

You can access both of these services live by clicking on If you miss the services live, you can access it later on Facebook as well as our church web page.

Our Facebook page is open to everyone, so we encourage you to invite friends, who may not have access to church services during this time of social isolation, to join us for worship. Of course, they can also access the recorded services online at our web sites listed above.

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