Open Shelf Pantry


Open Shelf is a pantry serving North Central Lincoln.


Our mission is to provide basic-need items to our neighbors with the utmost dignity and respect, and to ultimately end the cycles of poverty and hunger that make pantries like ours necessary. 

When you come to Open Shelf for the first time, we'll ask you for your name and the number of people you regularly feed. We write this on a card and check you in each time you utilize the pantry, which you may do up to one time per week. 

Our pantry stocks fresh produce, baked goods, canned and dry goods, as well as a variety of clothing and household items. 


Open Shelf is primarily stocked through donations. Donations can be dropped off at ConnectioN Point during OpeN Shelf’s hours of operation. 


Monetary donations are also appropriate. Checks should be made out to Open Shelf.

The most needed items at Open Shelf are:

  • Women’s hygiene supplies

  • Laundry detergent

  • Paper towels

  • Toilet Paper

  • Canned fruit

  • Canned garbanzo beans

  • Fresh produce from the store or garden


ConnectioN Point, East Campus

  • Tuesday & Friday: 2-5 pm

  • Or by appointment